August 2014

  1. Ukulelia #2: Mobius strips, jammin' & Ukulele Mike

    Hello uke lovely things! Welcome to the latest edition of Ukulelia, your monthly go-to spot for a healthy dose of the best in strumming, finger pickin' and harmonising from the depths of the internet. This week find out why your ukulele could use a Mobius strip, discover a new spot to jam and singalong with Ukulele Mike... Continue reading →
  2. Ben Rouse is coming to town!

    Hello one and all, Just a quick reminder that rising ukulele wonderman and all around nice guy Ben Rouse is coming to the shop this Friday for an In store workshop and gig. Continue reading →
  3. Why the extra bits and pieces make all the difference...

    When customers aren't complimenting us on being polite, well mannered and devilishly handsome in an understated way, we often get asked the same questions by a number of prospective players buying their first ukulele. I thought I would take a moment today to answer one of them; Continue reading →

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