July 2014

  1. 15th August: Ben Rouse In-store & Performance

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  2. Ukulelia #1: Welcome to Our Very First Round Up!

    Hello strummers, hummers and warblers of all varieties and welcome to Southern Ukulele's very first “Ukulelia” round up – the place to find the very best ukulele bits and bobs from across the world and the web. This week get your fingers limbered up to learn some tricky instrumental intros from the likes of Nick Drake and Royal Teeth. You'll also find out where to go to get your UK ukulele festival fix this summer and why ukuleles and beards go hand in hand... Continue reading →
  3. Aldrine Guerrero and Joe Souza Workshops

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  5. The best 10 ukulele sites for beginners

    The best 10 ukulele sites for beginners

    If you are new to the wonderful world of the ukulele, it might (it definitely will) be useful to visit a few websites which can help you pick up the basics. Here are 10 of our very favourite uke sites which are ideal for beginners. So, check them out and get strumming! Continue reading →

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