Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • High End Ukuleles at SUS part two

    In part one we talked KoAloha, Kiwaya, Kanile'a. It took me several weeks to get around to it but here is part two... PONO If you are a performer or perhaps a multi instrumentalist that has roots in Guitar playing, you will probably know and love Pono Ukuleles. Here at...
  • Don't go down the same path as me...

    Why do I keep buying instruments and what am I searching for? My name is Alex and I quite clearly have a problem. It seems that no matter what my last purchase was or even how recent - I still want another one. I am not even limiting myself to...
  • Ukulelia – June: Flash Mobs & Joyful Jams

    Welcome back to Ukulelia, your monthly spot for hot news and cool stuff from the wonderful world of ukulele. This month we're discovering the joy of the jam with veteran player Ralph Shaw, getting Reet Petite in just three chords with Jackie Wilson and joining a ukulele flash mob to...
  • Ukulelia – May: Ukes for Good & Bulgarian Ukuleles

    Welcome back to Ukulelia, boys and girls! This is your place to find the latest ukulele blogs, ideas, tips, tricks, chords and more. This month we'll be finding out how the ukulele is making a difference to Indian women who have been the victims of human trafficking. We'll also be...

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Top 10 of 2019!
It's here - The official SUS 'Top 10 Ukuleles of 2019' video is live now... What's your favourite uke of the year?
Deal of the week
What special offer do we have on this week? Well how about 25% off of two of our special edition Kala Elite Deluxe Maple Tenor's?
Meet the Team
Many of you asked to learn more about the team here at SUS. We get it - it's nice to know who is setting up your Ukulele when you buy it and put faces to names... Please give this a watch now.