June 2014

  1. SUSBUS At Christchurch Festival.

    Saturday 5th July Christchurch Festival Meeting up at 11.30pm, with a soundcheck at 12pm. Performance time 12.30pm – 1.20pm A slightly different format this year in that both The Wrinkle Pickers and the Daisie Ukuladies will be performing as part of our set. Continue reading →
  2. Mother Ukers at the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain.

    After 4 years of attending the Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain as a stallholder working along side Boss Rob, it was time for my first appearance as a performer. Continue reading →
  3. SUS Workshop!

    Very busy day in the SUS workshop. One of the more interesting jobs was fitting this Beltona Resonator with a passive Fishman Resophonic and wow, she sure does sound sweet.
  4. Manitoba Hal Workshop - An excellent afternoon

    On the 24th May we had the great pleasure of hosting a workshop and in store performance from one of the worlds hottest ukulele players. Manitoba Hal was in town to help people forget their blues by learning to play the blues. I've been to and have sat in on more ukulele workshops than I can remember and Hal's was one of the best I've witnessed. He managed to make it both easy enough for beginners and involved enough for intermediates that everyone was left both learning and happy. Hal spent a good hour teaching a blues progression including turn around and the building blocks for players first steps into soloing, as an observer I could actually see the improvement in peoples playing as the hour past. Hal has a great bedside manner and it felt more like getting cool tips off of a mate than a teacher/pupil thing. Continue reading →
  5. Why are Beltona Resonator Ukuleles so sexy?

    IMG_0025 An unusual love letter. I think i’m in love… There I said it, its out there and now I have to deal with the consequences. I darn’t tell you to your face but I have these feelings, dreams and ideas of travelling the world holding you in my arms. I think that together we could put a smile on a lot of peoples faces and I know I will never be alone with you there to sing to me when i’m feeling blue. Continue reading →
  6. The future of the ukulele?

      I thought I would kick off the Southern Ukulele Store blog with a quick word on the most recent interesting thing to come in the shop. A customer came into the store today from a shop just across the road from us in Southbourne called 'Avant Garde'. He and a friend had printed this ukulele off using a 3d printer and needed us to string it up and perhaps offer some insight on improvements that could be made for mark II. Continue reading →

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