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  1. Ukulele Comparison Videos!

    In June and July, we asked the folks on our social media pages what they wanted to see from us and unsurprisingly - longer comparison videos of instruments across the whole range of prices seemed to be the overwhelming answer. This will no doubt be an ongoing project for us here at SUS but for now, please check out our...
  2. Useful Ukulele Links

    There are hundreds, possibly thousands of tab sites for guitar out there, but for ukuleles? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, they are out there, just not in the abundance that you find with other instruments and once you’ve got a hankering for that one song it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve...
  3. What goes through my head when I sell a Ukulele...

    squirrel_playing_ukuleleHi there, I hope you all enjoyed my slightly perverted blog about the Beltona ukulele a few weeks ago? Sadly, that ukulele belongs to someone else now so I am forced to move on. I'm sure in time I will be fine but forgive me for being a little bit love sick for the time being. Continue reading →
  4. Why the extra bits and pieces make all the difference...

    When customers aren't complimenting us on being polite, well mannered and devilishly handsome in an understated way, we often get asked the same questions by a number of prospective players buying their first ukulele. I thought I would take a moment today to answer one of them; Continue reading →
  5. The best 10 ukulele sites for beginners

    The best 10 ukulele sites for beginners

    If you are new to the wonderful world of the ukulele, it might (it definitely will) be useful to visit a few websites which can help you pick up the basics. Here are 10 of our very favourite uke sites which are ideal for beginners. So, check them out and get strumming! Continue reading →

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