Ukulelia - October: La Vie En Rose, Uke World Tour & Ukulele Goes Pop!

Welcome to the October edition of Ukulelia! Your regular round up of the best ukulele paraphernalia from across the world and the web. This month, find your Hawaiian ukulele guru, meet ukulele aficionados from all over the world, discover some excellent ukulele apps and shake, shake, shake, shake it off with some poptastic Taylor Swift uke chords!

Ukulele Underground: Where Dance Mat Meets Ukulele

Do you remember those dance mats which were popular with kids around a decade ago? You'd plug them into your TV and then stomp in a vague approximation of “dancing” as brightly coloured arrows told you where to put your feet?

Ukulele Underground
's inestimably great tutorial videos are a little bit like that – only much, much more helpful. In the video below, host Aldrine will walk you through Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose, teaching you every component in impressive detail; from finger picking to strumming patterns. There are all sorts of free courses you can take online, along with loads of fantastic free video tutorials. Well worth a peruse!

Uke4U's Favourite Smartphone Apps


Never checked out Uke4U? You're missing out. This is a great site, full of blogs, playalongs, DVDs and know-how that will take you up a ukulele notch or two. We're particularly keen on the selection of apps Uke4U have picked out, designed to make playing uke easy peasy. The chordfinder is especially useful! Thanks, guys!

Take a Ukulele World Tour

Are you missing your summer holiday already? Ukulele Languages have just the virtual trip you need to perk you back up. Focussing on ukulele playing all over the world, Ukulele Languages share ukulele tunes and songs in many different styles and languages, from all manner of different cultures.

Their regular “Ukulele World Tour” feature showcases ukulele players from all over the world doing their thing. This month enjoy French Sebastian Danlinckx's composition Des mots, d’hier et d’aujourd’hui and Swiss Benno Schlumpf's instrumental piece. Go on, start your international ukulele adventure!

Shake it Off with Meghan Trainor

Ukulele lovely Meghan Trainor knows more than a thing or two about turning chart hits into delightful ukulele arrangements. This month the ever-so-good Ukulele Mag shared this video of Meghan shaking it off and performing Taylor Swift's latest chart topper. (We actually like it more than the original! Shh...). Bookmark Ukulele Mag for more ukulele greatness and follow Meghan for her latest updates and videos.

Wanna shake shake shake like Taylor Swift herself? The tremendous Uke Tabs already have the tabulature up – and it's a four chord wonder! Why not send us your versions? Tweet us @SUS_UKES.

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