Ukulelia – June: Jazzkelele & Life on Four Strings

Welcome to summer, ukulele lovers! The weather's been a mixed bag so far, but we hope you've have the chance to shoehorn in some al fresco ukulele sessions during the season's sunny spells.

If you're not feeling the ukulele groove recently, our brand new Ukulelia round up should put a twang back into your tunes. Each month we keep up with the very finest ukulele bloggers the world wide web has to offer, sharing our favourite posts with you right here.

This June: Fall victim to Liz Panton's infectious passion for the ukulele, listen to a ukulele play some seriously good jazz, plus uncover the story of a true ukulele pioneer in a new documentary.

Meet: Liz Panton, the Ukulele Allsort


Liz Panton's blog, Ukulele Allsorts is a treasure trove of ukulele inspiration and news from the uke community in the UK. From posts sharing her very own songs, to videos of her music, updates about upcoming events and plenty of helpful resources, this is a blog infused with Liz's passion for our favourite four stringed instrument. If you've got the blues about the uke lately, Ukulele Allsorts will sort you right out and inspire you to pick up your faithful ukulele once more.

A Little Jazzkelele


We're constantly awed by the versatility of our favourite instrument. In different hands, the uke creates an incredible array of sounds, from folky noises and traditional Hawaiian vibes, to pure jazz. This amazing video of Benny Chong playing his gob-smackingly good brand of jazz ukulele is testament to the flexibility of the ukulele. We picked up this video via Uke Fans' fantastic blog, which is crammed with tonnes of other amazing ukulele posts. Well worth a peruse!

Life on Four Strings: the Jake Shimabukuro Story

We love The Good Ukulele's edgier approach to our instrument of choice. Their blog is full of interesting posts for those who are excited about both the history of the ukulele and its future in contemporary music. We owe their curators thanks for sharing this clip from a new documentary about ukulele pioneer Jake Shimabukuro, entitled Life on Four Stings.

Who is your ukulele inspiration? What style of ukulele do you play? Have your say and share your favourite videos and resources with our team via Twitter @SUS_UKES.

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