Why are Beltona Resonator Ukuleles so sexy?


An unusual love letter.

I think i’m in love… There I said it, its out there and now I have to deal with the consequences. I darn’t tell you to your face but I have these feelings, dreams and ideas of travelling the world holding you in my arms. I think that together we could put a smile on a lot of peoples faces and I know I will never be alone with you there to sing to me when i’m feeling blue.

‘Beltona Resonator Ukulele “The Blue Uke 2” Concert Size Blue/Green’ I think we are soul mates.

I won’t pretend you were the first ukulele I ever fell in love with. I once had a brief fling with a honey burst Tenor ukulele made by Darryl Cursley. (He called it the Vodkalele for reasons only he and the ukulele will ever truly understand).

I even have to admit to you while we are being honest with each other that just a week before you arrived, I swore that your sibling the Pelham Blue Beltona tenor had my heart. In hindsight I think I was just a little too forthcoming with my affection and now I have met you, thats all going to change.

If only I had the money to free you from this place. I mean sure, you’re surrounded by lots of other gorgeous instruments, each with a unique charm and a player out there waiting to find them but you’re special… Your blue AND green, my two favourite colours. It's like you were made for me!

One day I will come to accept that you are destined to be with someone else. You deserve someone that will treat you with respect and show you the world and perhaps deep down in my heart I know that I am just not good enough for you.

I ask myself every time I see you 'why are Beltona Ukuleles so sexy?' Perhaps one day I will be able to answer that. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for a pretty face?


Until next time.



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