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Ukes With Alex - Custom Nylon Baritone DGBE Ukulele Strings (Wound 3rd and 4th)

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Alex here: My first ukulele was a baritone and growing up playing classical guitar, I have always had a close connection to this size and the lower register of the ukulele. One thing that has always seemed slightly off is the string tension of unwound strings on the popular sets on the market. They often feel too light to play with confidence and the unwound strings can bend out of tune more easily than on the smaller sizes of ukulele.
About 5 years back I developed a set of DGBE folk style strings for Southern Ukulele Store which is well loved by more than a handful of players. It's only now with experimentation and my working relationship with Rotosound that I have found the set I want to play on and feel gives a baritone the best chance of sounding studio polished and pronounced on every note.
With the success of the Ukes with Alex low G concert/tenor set I released in 2021, I have decided to add my combination of baritone strings for players that want or perhaps more likely need a bit more tension across the longer scale to keep things tight and in tune.
The low D DGBE tuning on a baritone ukulele really is the backbeat of an entire band. These strings do a fantastic job of helping the baritone player provide enough bass and melody to not get lost in the shuffle.
This set contains two silver wound clear rectified nylon strings for the D and G and 2 unwound rectified clear nylon strings for the B and E. The sticker and internal packaging may vary to the stock photo but all packaging can and should be recycled.
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