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D'Addario Baritone DGBE Ukulele Strings - Bronze/Black Nylon Ukulele Strings (SUS Custom set)

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For years we have been searching for a set of strings for baritone ukulele with bronze wound strings. Kanile'a have been using them as a bit of a secret weapon on KSDLX models for several years and it's common knowledge that the D'Addario folk nylon guitar strings can make and guitalele come to life.

We decided after lots of back and forth with D'Addario UK to gauge up a set of baritone ukulele strings using D'Addario folk nylon singles. What you get is bronze wound 4th and 3rd strings with nice thick black nylon strings for the 2nd and 1st. This is the ultimate mellow baritone set. Perfect for those that like a nice soft decay on single notes for things like jazz and blues.

Before using this set on a Baritone, please check that the nut is cut correctly to take the wound D and G strings, as they are a little thicker and slightly higher tension than a lot strings that are factory fitted. This extra tension means they sounds fabulous, but if the nut slot is pinching the strings, they will more than likely break.

4th - BEB037W (single replacement available here)
3rd - BEB031W (single replacement available here)
2nd - BEB040
1st - BEB032

Check them out in the video below -


Packaging may vary depending on availability of card sleeves. Please note we ship the strings individually wrapped to keep them fresh

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