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Flight A10 KOA Solid High Grade Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele w/Gigbag (UFOGB SPECIAL)

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This Ukulele has been kept aside for almost a year in preperation for the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. We decided to release it now for customers who want a glimpse at something rare and unusual from Flight but can't attend the show in person. 

This stunning Flight A10 solid high grade Hawaiian koa tenor ukulele is a fantastic way to celebrate their anniversary. 

Flight have come a long way in a short time... Originally a small family run company producing novelty Elvis ukuleles for the European uke market about 12 years ago, they are now at the absolute top of the mountain of ukulele design and they listen so intently to the people who play their ukes that every new model they release seems to fit with the players that play them perfectly.

Back on their 10th anniversary, they changed the game with the first run of A10 ukuleles made of quilted and flamed maples, mango and cocobolo. Made by a single luthier in batches of just 4-5 ukes; they are incredibly sought after and remain only sporadically available. The logical step for Flight as they enter their 13th year is to expand upon this series with the brand new A10 koa.

Hawaiian koa has always been the wood most heavily associated with the ukulele. It chimes, it's bell like and sounds like a harp being gently plucked by an angel while you sleep on a bed of rose petals... or something like that! And, the Hawaiian K brand ukuleles have for decades (and in Kamaka's case centuries) been the go-to instrument makers for Hawaiian koa ukuleles, with only a few select instruments in recent memory breaking down that barrier with beautiful designs of their own made from premium Hawaiian koa.

Flight have been building to a climax with recent high end instruments that reinvented the wheel or inspired people because they took the ukulele in a new direction. It feels fitting with the A10 koa model that they have come full circle and are producing a very traditional style 3 type of instrument. Each uke in this series is made from select instrument grade Hawaiian koa with front rosewood binding and a very sexy ebony rosette and decorative maple trim on the bridge and around the soundhole.

Why would you choose the A10 over a Hawaiian made koa ukulele? Well, the A10 has a slightly bigger body than most tenor ukuleles with unique curves, it has a maple neck which feels softer and spongier on the hands than mahogany. I find the A10 koa to have more of a super tenor feel to it but with a softer, sweeter sound than say a Kanile'a or a KoAloha. You might find that those ukuleles have more volume or more of a flamenco style snap to the sound but the Flight retains more of a traditional ukulele sound more akin to a Kamaka.

The A10 series also has a unique slotted headstock with Gold tuners... classy, sexy - desirable stuff.

Solid high grade Hawaiian koa top, back and sides
Ebony bridge
Maple neck
Gloss finish
Pin bridge
Brazillian fluorocarbon high G strings
19 frets/14 to the body
Slotted headstock
Rosewood binding
Ebony rosette
Compensated saddle
Includes deluxe Flight gigbag
38mm nut width 30mm string spacing at nut

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