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UKE LOGIC H-BFW4-P Hard Tension Baritone Low D Pink Fluorocarbon Strings with Thomastik Low D

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Uke Logic have a new set of soft tension baritone low D DGBE pink fluorocarbon strings. This set includes a golden alloy smoothwound low D string. We love them, and we're sure you will too. 

D - .030w
G - .032
B - .025
E - .020

Uke Logic are very clever strings. They are a special formula fluorocarbon and come in clear or pink. They're also available in soft or hard tension to suit all scale lengths and tunings. 

They offer the bright clarity and projection that players love about traditional fluorocarbon strings, but this unique formula also adds an element of warmth like a traditional nylon string. 

Sets come as all plain super fluorocarbon or paired with an assortment of metal wound strings for even more possibilities. 

Strings are made in Japan, developed and packaged in Hawaii, USA.

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