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SUS 'UKULELE TAKEOVER DAY' EVENT 10TH AUGUST 2024 - 4 Acts, 3 Workshops 12pm-7pm

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The first Southern Ukulele Store 'Ukulele Takeover Day' is a one day event in the Absolute Music Centre (home of the Southern Ukulele Store). We will feature performances and workshops from 4 world renowned Ukulele centric acts. 

Initially, this event was created to bring us an excuse to showcase the infamous talents of Dead Man's Uke & Andrea and Jay Molina on their August UK tour. We decided to make the event extra special by inviting the world's first Doctor of the Ukulele 'Samantha Muir' and the pioneers of Ukular Fusion 'The Mother Ukers'.

The event runs 12pm-7pm on August 10th 2024 and your ticket will give you access throughout the day to the Absolute Music Cafe space for the 4 performances and 3 workshops

Workshop information to be announced but the workshops will be aimed at improvers (advanced beginners if such a thing exists) and intermediate players.

Food and drink will not be provided but at the mid-point a local catering company will make an appearance and offer up a small selection of hot food options.

Space for this first event is extremely limited. Sadly, we cannot offer free space in the room to non-attendees.


Dead Mans Uke 
An award winning two man band playing dirt swing, hokum and old blues tunes as well as crazy covers and anything else they fancy on double bass and a resonator ukulele that belonged to Tiny Tim... they play shows in bars, music venues, parties, festivals and theatres across the UK and recently in Prague, Dublin, Austria, Paris, Bavaria, Poland, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Australia and even Saudi Arabia

Dead Mans Uke will be performing and offering a workshop called 'The Dark Arts of Fingerpicking Volume 1'.


Andrew and Jay Molina
Another award winning duo visiting as part of a new UK tour with Dead Mans Uke. This Father/Son duo have both had fantastic careers in Maui and Oahu. With Jay initially acting as his sons manager; the duo has garnered quite a bit of attention over the past decade with mesmerising and intricate interplay - Andrew was often praised as being the 'next Jake' of the Ukulele world but this unique diversion and path working with his Father who himself is a virtuoso performer has only strengthened Andrew Molina as a performer and added another feather to his bow.

Andrew and Jay Molina will be performing a workshop (details to follow)


Samantha Muir 
Dr Samantha Muir  Is an Associate of the Royal College of Music, London, and in 2023 was awarded the first PhD on the ukulele (University of Surrey, UK). With an extensive performing and teaching background that led to her interested in the history of the ukulele and playing the machete de braga – one of the forerunners of the ukulele

We have long admired Samantha and I am so excited I could finally bring her to the Southern Ukulele Store for this performance and workshop.

Samantha will be performing and offering a workshop on 'Playing Ukulele Duets' which caters to a variety of different playing levels.

Mother Ukers
Mother Ukers are pioneers of Ukular Fusion and have headlined Festivals across Europe performing a repertoire of songs you already know in their own unique 1920's ukular style. Jonty and Paul began this journey over 15 years ago and recently Southern Ukulele Store manager Alex joined the band on the Bass. The Mother Ukers are excited to be involved and look forward to performing.


If you have any questions please email Alex at or call the store on 01202 430820

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