DUKE Electro Acoustic Tenor Banjo Ukulele with gigbag and strap

DUKE Electro Acoustic Tenor Banjo Ukulele with gigbag and strap
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The Duke is a rather innovative Banjo Ukulele suitable for beginners and professionals alike. This carefully thought out instrument is much lighter than many Banjo Ukes at approximately 2lbs, has modern approaches to traditional features such as the armrest and geared tuning pegs whilst remaining very easy to hold and play (unlike some other Banjo Ukuleles).
At this price there is often a compromise and we must confess that each one on this shipment has displayed some small cosmetic flaws in the finish which potentially could feel a little bit of a let down compared to more established alternatives like the Deering GoodTimes. It is worth remembering that you don't play them with your eyes though because I cannot think of an instrument that offers so many features whilst remaining at such an affordable price. So - please bear in mind the excellent value for money, and do not purchase one if you want cosmetic perfection.

One of the true highlights and unique selling points of the Duke Tenor Banjo Ukes is the fantastic transducer pickup by Schatten Design Acoustics - It does make us wonder why other companies haven't put more time into electrifying Banjo Ukuleles because aside from the Deering GoodTime electro models, this is the only Banjo Ukulele with pickup we have had the pleasure to hear that could actually work in a band setting.

This Ukulele packs a lot of features in considering the price. Decent geared tuners on an outrageously whacky headstock, a comfortable modern take on a traditional Banjo armrest, a 10'' head that can be fine tuned to suit different styles and a 'smooth edge' tailpiece which has been specially designed to prevent string breakages.

Also, the gigbag is bold and beautiful. You won't lose your instrument at your gig/Ukulele club with a bag like this!

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