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Magic Fluke Velcro/Quick Release Nylon Ukulele Strap - Purple

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This purple nylon ukulele strap is the answer to Flea and Fluke owners' dreams! You've been asking us about these special range of ukulele straps for years and we're delighted to have teamed up with Magic Fluke so we can stock them for you!

The headstock end of the strap has a quick release system, while the business end of things is uses velcro. You'll get a strip to securely fasten to your instrument.

These straps are compatible with normal ukuleles, but we can't guarantee how well the adhesive will perform. Different finishes may not be as secure, so we only really endorse using these straps on the ABS material found on Magic Fluke bodies.

Apologies for our rather strange product photo of this item... the colour was proving tricky for our camera to capture without holding it up at a certain angle.

Measurement: 70cm to 129cm.

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