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Ohana BK-20CE Baritone Ukulele Electro Acoustic Solid Mahogany Top

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A very solidly made and decent sounding electro acoustic Baritone with a cutaway and EQ. GHS strings are not the most fabulous sounding, and this instrument does benefit from a nice set of Martin M630 baritone strings, but once appropriately strung you can really make it sing. It has a dark, mellow tone in the lower register that sounds a little like Johnny Cash gargling honey, which lends itself wonderfully to blues and jazz.

But when you explore the cutaway end and venture into the upper register, you find a very sweet, perky sound with tons of character and good sustain that lends itself very nicely to soloing, or jigs and reels type playing. No doubt the bone fixtures and fittings help a great deal with this, allowing for good amounts of vibrations of the strings.

Solid Mahogany Top
Laminate Mahogany Sides and Back
Cutaway design with 3 band active EQ and built in tuner
Ovangkol fretboard and bridge
Bone nut and saddle
Diecast Geared Tuners
Aquila DGBE strings with 2 wound bass
37mm nut width with 30mm D to E string spacing
500mm scale length

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