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Pono MGTD All Solid Mango Tenor Deluxe Ukulele Gloss Finish with gigbag

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We have nothing but love for this all solid mango Pono tenor ukulele. Mango wood is possibly the best looking wood on the market for instruments, full stop. It has such a varied grain pattern, with light and dark shades running through it, and flaming and silking as well to create an almost holographic effect. Tonally, it is on the mellower and darker side and is perhaps not suitable when you want a bright tone, but it is full, rich and rounded and has a lovely warmth in the bass.

The build quality that you expect from Pono is abundantly clear - visually it is spotless, and structurally likewise - and this manifests itself in the sound as well, which is balanced but warm, with clarity when the instrument is strummed, and plenty of volume when required.

This is the brighter sounding of the two Pono mango tenor models owing to the gloss finish - if you want a more mellow sound then the Pono MGT satin model would be a better choice.

Pictures show an average example. For photos of actual stock, please drop us a line.

Solid mango top, back, and sides
Ebony faceplate, fingerboard and bridge
Rope marquetry rosette, pearl logo and position dots
Bone nut and saddle
35mm nut width
Ko'olau mahana high G strings
Gloss finish
Pono gigbag included (not padded)

About the Pono line: The “Pono” line is made by Ko’olau one of the oldest and most traditional Hawaiian ukulele manufacturers. Ko’olau’s goal throughout the years has been to provide the highest quality stringed instruments available with a high standard of craftsmanship. And besides methods of construction to optimize tone and volume, they stress the importance of cosmetic beauty.

It is of interest to note that only the finest grades of quartersawn hardwoods, such as mahogany, rosewood, and ebony are selected for Pono instruments. However, only 20% pass the stringent requirements of density, grain patterns, flexibility, and cosmetic aesthetics. This is virtually unknown, especially in the Asian import market. We are proud of the fact that all of the Pono instruments are made of solid woods.

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