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SUS Softy Aged Leather Ukulele Strap W/Headstock Tie - Poni Purple

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Leathergraft always said when the right leather was available they would surprise us with some samples of ukulele straps that are soft, durable and have an aged feel to them. That's exactly what they did... I took them home, used them on my ukuleles and now I just want to show them off to everyone I meet! 

Leathergraft like calling this range of straps the 'softys' but we decided to name them after SUS products that they would go with so right now you are looking at the 'Poni Purple' strap... A vibrant purple strap made especially to match the upcoming Big Island 'Poni' ukulele as well as the binding on the Millar 'Guns' model.

After selling fantastic premium quality ukulele straps from established international brands for years; it fills us with pride to be able to collaborate on something plush, comfortable and soft with one of our favourite UK manufacturers.

These ukulele straps can be extended or shortened between 113cm and 133cm. Strap width is 40mm.

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