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D'addario EJ53T Pro Arte Rectified Tenor Ukulele Strings

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This set of EJ53T pro-arté rectified D'Addario strings are the perfect match for Hawaiian tenor ukuleles.

The 3rd string is a wound aluminum string complimented by a 1st, 2nd and 4th unwound string made from our warmest sounding black nylon. This set is optimized for standard GCEA tuning.

These D'Addario string are optimised for tenor ukuleles tuned to standard GCEA tuning. The back precision rectified nylon ensuring that the roundness and dimension control of each string are unsurpassed. Players prefer these sD'Addario strings for their warm and long lasting tone

For tenor ukuleles
Black nylon
Aluminum wound
Non-ball end
String gauges: Black nylon .026, .036, .032 Aluminum .036

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