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Fishman AG Series PRO-AGO-UKE Undersaddle Passive Pickup for Ukulele - Fit it Yourself

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This is a very high quality, hand made passive ukulele pickup from Fishman. It sounds great and is actually very easy to fit owing to its very slender dimensions.

The Fishman uke pickup has a very low profile. It will not cause dramatic upset to the setup of your precious uke by raising the saddle too far.

Check carefully that the saddle slot on your ukulele is big enough to cope with the 2.3mm width, and that the G to A string spacing is no more than 42.44mm!

You will need a soldering iron and drill to fit this pickup yourself. The signal and earth cables need soldering onto the terminals on the jack socket, and holes have to be drilled into the saddle slot and bottom bout.

It comes in some good secure retail packaging (see pics) but the important bits are show in the main pic.

If you would prefer us to fit a Fishman pro passive pickup to your new ukulele that you are buying at the same time from us, then you can add it to your order here.

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