USED AnueNue Moonbird UT200 Moon Spruce/Rosewood Tenor Ukulele with Hard Case

USED AnueNue Moonbird UT200 Moon Spruce/Rosewood Tenor Ukulele with Hard Case
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This particular instrument is USED having been purchased new several months back. The back has several very small surface scratches that become visible when you shine a bright light on the back but there is nothing glaringly obvious that would make this instrument feel second hand.

Aside from the small marks on the back mentioned; the instrument is in great condition realistically an 8.9/10.


It has been several years since we sampled the Anuenue range of Ukuleles and boy have they come on leaps and bounds. A company that not too long ago sat as a nice alternative to an Ohana, Kala or Islander Ukulele is producing some truly gorgeous professional level, high end Ukuleles. None more so than the Moon Bird which Anuenue describe as being the best instruments that they have ever produced.

So, the question is - How good is the best instrument Anuenue have ever produced? The short answer is fantastic. The long answer is - This Ukulele has taken on board all of the things players love about the Hawaiian K-brands and produced a hybrid that sits up in the elite alongside the spruce top Kanile'a Deluxe models as well as some of the custom shop KoAloha cedar/spruce limited edition models I have seen.

The Gotoh UPT planetary style tuners are lightweight and well suited to this Ukulele because the Uke itself is featherlight, tight and confidently voiced with a rich bass and balanced mid/treble but somehow feels fairly petite in the hands. You get a terrific visual ying and yang watching the pale Swiss Moon Spruce sit in harmony with the dark deep Rosewood back and sides. These woods are always a winning combination but seem very deliberately engineered to work as one here. Perhaps that is in part down to the Ebony fretboard which not only adds to the visual effect but offers a slightly faster attack than a rosewood fretboard might. An ebony fretboard is perfect for the faster players or players that want a little bit more forgiveness from how hard they have to press down on the fretboard.

The sheer-cutaway allows you access to the higher frets and you may have noticed from the photos Anuenue have cleverly built in an offset spalted maple soundhole rosette and binding to accentuate the curves of the instrument.

Finally, the slightly petite feel and slender neck profile might make this a real winner for those players out there that need precision but might not have the hand strength to really dig into the instrument. There is something so incredibly relaxing about this instrument - it is truly a Ukulele that gives out the maximum reward for minimum effort. Who doesn't like that? The Bird series Ukuleles come with a Blue woodshell hard case and Clear Water Anuenue strings.

If you are in the market for a K brand or high end Ukulele - put this on your list.

Total Frets: 20
Top: Solid Swiss Moon Spruce
Side: Solid East Indian Rosewood
Back: Solid East Indian Rosewood
Head Veneer: Ebony
Machine Head: Gotoh UPT
Neck: Mahogany
Bridge: Ebony
Nut Saddle: Buffalo Bone
Fingerboard: Ebony
Strings: aNueNue Black Water Strings
Finish: Gloss
Rosette: Spalted Maple
Binding: Rosewood
Nut width: 36mm

Strap button fitted (pictured) added by us.

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