UkeSA Masterpiece Solid Spruce/Koa Tenor Sceptre Ukulele in Gigbag

UkeSA Masterpiece Solid Spruce/Koa Tenor Sceptre Ukulele in Gigbag

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Trying to condense the entire story of Alvin 'Pops' Okami into a couple of paragraphs is impossible. The story of how Pops came to found KoAloha ukuleles alone is a fascinating journey that inspired a documentary in 2008 called 'The KoAloha story'. His legend and the legacy he leaves the ukulele world at this point in his life is indisputable, and now he's treating us to the brand new, hand-crafted sceptre ukulele series.

We are absolutely delighted to be the first European dealer to stock his Pops Custom Ukuleles, also known as UkeSA. Pops produces these ukuleles by himself from his home workshop in Hawaii, so some of them have arrived with minor cosmetic issues. Regardless, it is a real treat to have a ukulele from the Grandfather of KoAloha, a true Hawaiian music legend and spiritually one of the people that truly embodies Aloha spirit. I found playing these ukuleles that they share the DNA of the current crop of Hawaiian made KoAlohas. The sound and look beautiful and unlike anything else on the planet and it's just extra special to be able to try these ukuleles and trace KoAloha back to the companies roots.

The sceptre came about after a dream Pops had in 2006-2007. He produced the early sceptre prototypes in an attempt to recreate the ukulele that he had imagined and the model briefly became a custom order model with KoAloha in 2010-2013. The sceptre itself mirrors the famous 5 point crown on the KoAloha headstocks and although these ukuleles bear Pop's new custom label and spec; it is just lovely to see him making this model again after such a long period of them being out of production. Pops actually sold off his original mid 2000's prototypes back in 2018 when KoAloha completed their factory move to Kona street and this batch are among the only others to be produced since 2013.

These masterpiece tenor ukuleles from Pops are absolutely world class in terms of design, and sound. Each of them has some cosmetic issues, which you have to consider as part of the character of the instrument. The Japanese principle of Wabi-sabi, where you love something more because of its flaws, needs to be born in mind!

This one arrived here with patch of small dents to the upper bottom bout (see pics) and the price has been reduced by £100 accordingly.

Solid spruce top
Solid koa back and sides
436mm scale length
37mm nut width
Mahogany neck
Flamed maple headplate
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Maple fretboard inlays
Planetary geared tuners
Uke-Reka high G clear fluorocarbon strings
52mm body depth
28mm G to A string spacing
Satin finish
NuBone nut and saddle

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