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Worth BS-LG Fluorocarbon Premium Tenor Low G Ukulele Strings

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You can't go wrong with this excellent set of Worth tenor ukulele strings for sound, feel or value for money. Worth strings come in double length packs, so you are effectively getting two sets for the price of one.

This listing is for one double set of brown fluorocarbon BS-LG (strong low G) 63 inch ukulele strings. Suitable for tenor ukuleles. Why would you want 'strong strings'? Well, the slightly thicker string produces more tension on the neck and a chunkier sound. It makes the deeper notes resonate a bit more and you get more attack and sustain from a hard strum... If you have a light touch, you might prefer Worth BT-LG's.

0.0224 - A
0.0291 - E
0.0319 - C
0.0358 - Low G


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