The Rebel Double Creme Solid Mango Concert Ukulele w/Bag #1

The Rebel Double Creme Solid Mango Concert Ukulele w/Bag #1

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These Ukuleles sound and feel brilliant. The Rebel Ukuleles are very modern feeling and looking in a way that reminds us of the AnueNue's. They also have a touch of Imua/Kiwaya/Takumi's traditional, thinner body stylings but with a nice slick feeling neck. We shouldn't be surprised how good these Ukes are given that Rebel are the manufactuers of KoAloha's Opio line - truly these Ukes seem to take some of the popular stylings of other brands and put them together to make something new and extremely exciting.

The Double Creme Concert is made of some really gorgeous, eccentric looking Mango wood and has a look that feels striking but still understated. The Double Creme has no binding or fancy cosmetic detail except for the geometric-esque fret dots. You know by looking at the wood on this Ukulele that you are paying for a well finished Ukulele made of good select woods, with good hardware and you get a really sugary, bright mellow note out of this Ukulele. Somehow, it still cuts through if you strum it. This Ukulele is not super loud and clear like the Spruce top Cheese cake model but has a much more traditional, whimsical Ukulele sound to it that sings a song to you without quite as much sharpness as other instruments made of Koa or Acacia might.

Much like the KoAloha mango Ukuleles, these Ukes go a long way in establishing that mango is an authentic tonewood destined to play a big role in the future of Ukulele manufacturing. Certainly, right now you would be hard pressed to find something that could outclass The Rebel Ukuleles at the same price.

Phil and I fell madly in love with Rebel at the 2019 NAMM show and we were delighted to be able to share the Rebel experience with our colleagues and customers when opening the delivery for the first time. There isn't a bad or mediocre Ukulele in the range - just well made Ukes you will want to play every time you open the bag.

Sure, the bag is a bit flamboyant and won't be to everyones taste - but at least you'll always know where you put your Rebel!

Pictures show actual instrument.

Top, Back and Sides: Solid Mango
Scale: 15' Concert
Fretboard: 17-Fret, 13 clear
Neck: Mahogany
37mm Nut width
Nut & Saddle: TUSQ
Headplate: Mango
Fretboard & Bridge: Ebony
Fret Markers (Rebel Signature): Maple Inlay
Fret Stripe: Ebony
Tuners: Gotoh Planetary Tuners
Finish: High-Gloss
Clear Fluorocarbon High G strings
Rebel Print Padded bag included

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