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Snail S60B All Solid Flamed Acacia Baritone Ukulele with Gigbag #2

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We have nothing but praise for this Snail S60B all solid flamed acacia baritone ukulele. The Snail S60C and S60T have quickly risen through the ranks of ukuleles under £1000 that punch well above their weight. That's saying something because Millar, Flight and Ana'Ole are pretty hefty competition.

This new model is not only a stunning looking instrument with its oversized abalone rosette and flamed acacia body but is also Snail's first foray into the world of baritone ukuleles. The quite exquisite design touches are a trademark of Snail nowadays but this is something else, it just has 'it', whatever 'it' is.

Solid acacia top, back and sides makes for a very delicate, complex sound with a wide dynamic range, so quiet fingerpickers will appreciate the clarity and sustain you can achieve with a very light touch, whilst heavy strummers will appreciate the strong, unmuddy chords with great note definition.

These are strung GCEA High G from the factory, but we resting them to DGBE ahead of our set up with Ukes With Alex Low D DGBE strings.

The larger baritone body sits somewhere perfectly between a jumbo tenor and the other baritones out there with a sweet voicing that mirrors the traditional island sound of a Kamaka and manages to avoid the trap that many baritone ukuleles fall into by not sounding muddy in the slightest - just deep, rich and wonderful.

The concert size, the S60C, was one of our best selling ukuleles intermediate ukuleles of 2019 and came in at no 2 on the best ukulele of 2019 list. The S60T in just 12 months became our best selling ukulele at any price and topped the list of best Ukuleles of 2020. So, we are very, very, very excited to see Snail manufacture this instrument in a baritone form at our request.

Snail have made this baritone ukulele really easy to handle and familiar to your average concert/tenor player by keeping with a 35mm nut width. This may not suit some players that like a thick wide neck on their baritones but will definitely compliment the vast majority that prefer the feel of Pono baritones which also have a 35mm nut width.

The addition of a bevelled ebony arm rest at the top of the bottom bout is welcome meaning that you won't cut off circulation to your hands when you clasp the uke to your body whilst playing it. And you are going to want to pick it up and play it a lot! The slotted headstock, soundhole rosette and the figuring in the wood all add up to make this a very, very attractive instrument indeed! Pictures show actual instrument.

Pictures show actual instrument that you will receive.

Solid acacia top, back and sides
Mahogany neck
Gloss finish
Slotted headstock
Ukes with Alex DGBE strings
Abalone soundhole rosette
Padauk binding
35mm nut width
Bone nut and saddle
Open geared heart shaped machine heads
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Ebony bevelled "comfort edge" arm rest
Free high quality padded grey Snail gigbag included

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