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D'Addario Baritone Low G GCEA Baritone Ukulele Strings Custom set for SUS

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GCEA standard ukulele tuning for baritone ukuleles is becoming a very popular thing. The Aquila 23U2 set that we put together has proven to be the most popular set of strings we sell in-store. Still, we received plenty of feedback from customers that didn't like the very specific type of sound produced by Aquila strings. They asked us to source something with more of a nylon or fluorocarbon kind of feel and sound.

We are delighted after several months of experimentation with D'Addario to create a set to fit this purpose. This set consists of a bronze wound folk nylon low G, a nylon silverwound C string and two pro arte nylon strings for the E and A.

Providing you have a standard length baritone ukulele, and not something with an extended scale like the Pono large baritones/big baritones, these baritone strings should be just what you need. They'll give you a bassier, boomier GCEA sound.

But, you will find that the strings are necessarily a lot tighter than any DGBE set so expect a much tenser feel under the fingers. And you may find that if your nut slots have not been adjusted for these different gauges, that they can break over the nut with this greater tension. Please, speak to us, or drop us an email first if you are unsure!

G 4th - BEB031W .031'' bronze wound string (single replacement available here)
C 3rd - NYL025W .025'' silverwound string (single replacement available here)
E 2nd - NYL028 .028'' rectified nylon string
A 1st - NYL022 .022'' rectified nylon string

Please note the packaging may vary from one batch to the next due to supply chain issues. We will always ship the individual strings wrapped in packets straight from D'Addario to keep them fresh.

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