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Enya 5 string EUT-MOON/BK/EQ-5 Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Acousticplus BLACK - Taimane Gardner

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This black solid mahogany 5 string tenor ukulele from Enya is a stunner. The Moon series of ukuleles is a collaboration with Taimane Gardner and we are big fans of the results! 

Who are the top ukulele artists of all time? That's a tough question but in the modern ukulele world going back 10-15 years, many people could narrow it down to a top 3. One of those top 3 is almost certainly Taimane Gardner.

Taimane is the epitome of the modern ukulele player being vibrant and technically sound but with a sense of flair and sense of humour that helps her stand out from the crowd. She is championing a whole new wave of ukulele players around the world being as far as I know the only ukulele artist to appear on NPR Tiny Desk sessions with her band. Building a mainstream audience with her flamenco ukulele style along the way.

The Moon series from Enya is Taimane's first affordable venture into signature ukuleles and the uke has the same attitude as the lady herself with Polynesian style inlays (including the gigbag and strap) and striking colourful finishes which have a gothic tinge to them.

The tenor is a slim bodied ukulele which fits nicely to the body and really benefits a strummer by putting the strings that much closer to the players body creating a springboard for hard and fast playing. It is all solid mahogany which creates a warm sound and the satin finish lets it breathe... I personally think the slimline body aids some attack to the individual notes.

The nut width is nice and wide at 38mm making for a unique uke that has both width in your hands but a slim depth... Has that been done before? Either way, I like it! The double low G strings are a real novelty, and the faithful to Taimane's favoured setup, so if you are trying to echo her signature sound this setup is the way forward. But, you could sub one of the low G strings for a high G if you were so minded.

The aesthetic qualities of these ukes are clearly well thought out with the white moon rosette matching the machine head buttons and other inlays. It's a loud uke but with impressive depth and colour to its sound.

Finally, the EQ model benefits from Enya's Acousticplus system which enables you to plug the ukulele in to an amplifier. It includes inbuilt effects, a rechargeable battery and a clever built in speaker which allows you to add the effects to your acoustic playing.

All solid slimline Mahogany body
Cutaway to body
Acousticplus system with reverb, chorus and delay built in
Satin finish
38mm nut width with 30mm string spacing from outer G to A
17" tenor scale length
Radiused fingerboard
Richlite fingerboard and bridge
Enya fluorocarbon strings, with two wound low G strings
Silver die-cast machineheads with pearloid buttons
Matching padded gigbag and strap with artwork by Hamiora

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