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Kala KA-SCAC-B Solid Cedar Top, Acacia Back and Sides Baritone Ukulele

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The Kala KA-ABP-CTG has long been the benchmark other brands have worked against when designing the perfect affordable ukulele. With the baritone ukulele market being so much smaller than the other sizes, models really have to shine, something that Kala baritone ukuleles never fail to do!

The particular Kala model that always stood out to us is the KA-ABP-CTG with its combination of cedar and acacia. Which, in itself is not revolutionary so much as it is an evolutionary chapter in the history of the ukulele. Our ears have learned not to treat them like tiny guitars and ukes like this really hit the spot for so many people. If you want a confident sound suitable for complex noodling, fingerpicking, classical or just a good loud strummer; Kala have had this model up their arsenal.

Kala are one of those brands that really make the effort needed to stop their ukuleles getting a bit samey or boring and a popular opinion about these models and other recent new releases were that replacing the slotted headstock with a traditional paddle headstock would make it more comfortable to many players. As a baritone player myself (Alex here by the way), I find the paddle headstock and new Graphtech tuners add some weight to the overall sound, I look forward to showing you all in a video ASAP.

Switching the red padauk binding to a darker, more elgant looking rosewood is a lovely touch as well that gives the ukulele a more grown up feel to match the sound it produces. This Kala baritone ukulele model is now known as the KA-SCAC-B.

With the paddle headstock comes the geared/friction tuners from Graphtech which are outstanding, lightweight tuners capable of giving an instrument an entirely different feel. It all sounds a bit emperors new clothes but once you try one for yourself, you will wish all your ukuleles had these tuners!

Finally, Kala have changed the neck and headstock to satin but kept the body as a high gloss so you get the feel of a lived instrument and the sound and brightness of a spangly bright new one at the same time. Listing shows a typical example.

Size: Baritone (DGBE)
Top: Solid cedar
Back and sides: Laminate acacia
Binding: Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Finish: High-gloss body, satin neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Headstock: Standard
Nut: Graphtech Nubone
Saddle: Graph NuBone®
Tuners: Black Graph Tech Ratio®
Strings: Aquila super nylgut®

Scale length: 20.0625 inches
Overall instrument length: 30.0 inches
Body length: 13.875 inches
Number of frets: 18
Width at upper bout: 7.6875 inches
Width at lower bout: 10.1875 inches
Width at waist: 6.5625 inches
Body depth: 3.125 inches
Fingerboard width at nut: 1.5 inches, (38mm)
Fingerboard width at neck/body joint: 1.875 inches

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