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Pono UL4-1 Solid Cedar/Acacia Large Body Baritone Ukulele (STEEL STRINGS) W/Hard Case

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Baritone ukuleles are very of the moment. More and more of our customers are adding a baritone to their collection - something about its rich warmth makes it really compelling. This new model from Pono offers all of the bass richness associated with a large baritone but with the added zing of steel strings.

Pono recently revamped and condensed their range of super Baritones such as these and the Nui series. This new UL4-1 is no longer solid acacia all round, but rather a cedar top with solid acacia back and sides. The Cedar top is the right choice for a Baritone with steel strings; the warm and resonance that it generates in the lower registers is just absolutely stunning.

You can create a really different sound and feel with this instrument than you can with a nylon strung baritone ukulele - more akin to an acoustic guitar but without the two bass strings. But, to think of it just as a cut down guitar is to do it a disservice. It has a beautiful, bluesy character all of its own. And, when you play up the neck, you appreciate the extra glitter that the steel strings give you.

In the hand you really have to appreciate the craftsmanship of the clever guys at Pono - it is flawlessly well made. It has a very light but incredibly solid body (which is where the impressive sustain and volume come from) and the neck feels very playable and easy.

A complete winner!


Solid Cedar top
Solid Acacia back and sides
Mahogany neck, satin finish
Ebony bridge and fingerboard
Pearl logo and position dots.
Bone nut and saddle
Grover tuning machines
Radiused fretboard
Gloss finish to body
Steel strings tuned EBGD (baritone uke tuning)
Nut width: 1 3/8 inches
Scale length: 21.4 inches
Free Pono deluxe woodshell hard case

Please note; photos show a typical example, not the actual instrument. If you would like photos of actual stock please drop us a line.

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