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Ohana BKT-70G Solid Spruce top/Mahogany back and sides Baritone body Tenor Ukulele

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Ohana are never shy of moving with the times and the BKT-70G is Ohana's take on the very popular and innovative Large body Tenor design. This Ukulele has a Tenor scale neck attached to a Baritone body. This Super Jumbo Tenor gives off a truly booming voice while its tenor scale maintains the classic GCEA ukulele tuning without too much resistance (unlike many Baritone GCEA Ukes out there). The baritone shaped body allows for more projection, sustain, and bass tones, while the tenor scale of the neck maintains the same chord fingering as a classic GCEA ukulele.

This model does not fit into any of the hard case options. The only gigbags that really work well are the Boston Superpacker or the Kala Sonoma Coast gigbags in Baritone size.


Solid Spruce Top
Laminate Mahogany back and sides
Ovangkol fingerboard and bridge
floral inlay
Grover tuners
Ovangkol bindings
Gloss Finish
Tenor scale Neck
Baritone body
36mm nut width
Aquila Super Nylgut GCEA strings

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