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Flight Victoria Soundwave Solid Spruce top Electro Tenor Ukulele w/Gigbag 38mm nut

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If you are searching for a tenor ukulele in 2020 under £400 with a solid spruce top you are absolutely 100% spoiled for choice. Snail, Ohana, Freshman and many more offer great choices and Kala offer about 8-10 different models right now too such is the depth of choice out there.

The question is, which to choose and Flight are doing a fantastic job of making their case! The Victoria has a satin finish which produces a bit more of the lower mid frequencies than a gloss ukulele. If you are a fingerpicker, the overall tone is just a bit more earthy and refined... A bit more American folk and a bit less Hawaiian.

The back and sides are laminate acacia which is extremely pretty and practical. The top does such a great job of giving you a wide ranging and throaty tone.

What Flight are doing better than the competition right now is providing a good amount of deluxe aesthetic and comfortable details that should add 30-40% to the price but don't. Did you want a slotted headstock and a scoop cutaway? Well this ukulele has both, Armrest? Yes, it has that too... What about a gig bag? Flight have you covered, this tenor ukulele comes with a Flight branded padded bag. 

The icing on the cake is that this tenor ukulele comes with a much loved and sought after Soundwave pickup. The Sounwave pickup which is produced by Double pickups is a lightweight internal speaker that enables the player to play amplified without an amplifier - this system includes several onboard effects - Reverb, Delay and Chorus. It's just excellent!

Well done Flight, you've done it again!

Solid spruce top
Laminate acacia back and sides
Soundwave internal speaker, pickup and preamp (integral rechargeable capacitor, chargeable by USB cable provided)
Unique looking fretboard inlays
Ebony fingerboard and armrest
Bone nut and saddle
Scoop cutaway
38mm nut width
Clear fluorocarbon High G strings
Padded gig bag

Note: The Flight Ukuleles are a fantastic choice at this particular price point because they often offer extra features and striking wood that defy the expectations of this price. However, they do suffer from cosmetic flaws and small finish defects like other Chinese made production instruments. This includes the hardware where the tuner buttons can sometimes feel a bit loose or slippery. We do our best to capture major issues but you may find some small imperfections on close inspection that cannot be avoided.

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