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Romero Creations "Replica" Signature Romero Tenor Ukulele Solid Mango in gigbag #21011

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This Romero Creations "Replica" signature tenor ukulele was voted number 4 in our top 10 ukuleles of 2020. 

The signature Romero Creations tenor ukulele, also known as the "replica", is a production copy of the Pepe Romero custom ukuleles. It has many of the features of these super expensive, long wait time instruments. The essential DNA that goes into one of the customs, like the Spanish heel joint on the neck, the reverse fan bracing, and intricate genuine abalone inlay and purfling are all present in this replica.

You can see more about the model from the man himself here.

This tenor ukulele is quite an extraordinary instrument. The sustain is legendary, and the tone is exquisite. Instantly, upon handling it, you know that it is something special as it is so lightweight, and so resonant if you tap the bridge. The holy grail of uke building is to make them light and stiff - and this uke is both very light and super stiff.

The reverse fan bracing pattern used (you can see this through the soundhole quite easily) no doubt has something to do with this; all top end uke makers have their own ways of getting the best out of the wood they use. Romero's method here with the bracing so obviously works beautifully.

There is no denying it - in just 2 years the Romero Creations ukulele line has really stamped its authority on what to expect from a high end ukulele. The replica is the next logical step forward for a stellar uke brand.

Pictures show the actual instrument.

All solid figured mango top, back and sides
Abalone soundhole rosette and purfling
Ebony binding to body
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Reverse fan bracing
17" tenor scale
38 mm fretboard width at nut (1.5 inches)
12 frets to body, 18 in total
Gotoh UPT 4:1 planetary geared tuners
Romero UT2 clear fluorocarbon strings, wound low G
Bone nut and saddle
Mahogany neck with gloss finish
Gloss finish to body
Ebony headplate with MOP Romero logo
Deluxe 30mm padded Romero gigbag

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