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Risa TE style Electric Tenor Ukulele Butterscotch Blonde free bag

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Risa ukuleles have surpassed our wildest dreams with their Tele tenor ukulele design. I've often said that the Risa LP ukuleles are as much fun as you can have with your clothes on, but for Keith Richards/Bruce Springsteen fans, there was little on the market. Not anymore, thanks to the stunning electric Risa tenor ukuleles.

They've created a very faithful scaling down of the classic Tele design in this electric ukulele. It has a unique single coil neck pickup, the more familiar bridge humbucker and volume/tone controls. It also comes with a 3 way selector switch, so you can quickly and easily switch your sound. Go from searing lead on the bridge pickup to chunky strumming on the neck pickup and everything in between.

Made in the Czech Republic, this instrument is very well made indeed. They've shown great attention not just to the styling, but also to the finishing. The hardware is as you would expect from Risa, as they only use high quality components. Combined with the build quality, this electric tenor ukulele sounds good and is built to last.

To replace the strings, you need the top 4 strings from a standard set of 10 gauge electric guitar strings (10, 13, 16, 28 or very similar), which gives you the low G tuning. To get a high G tuning, you need an 11 gauge single string.

Do not be put off by the removable clear film coatings on the plastic components. Underneath this film, the plastic will look brand new!

Scale length: Tenor 432 mm
Standard tuning: GCEA (low-g), strung with steel electric guitar strings
Finish: Gloss
Body: Solid Mahogany
Neck: Solid Maple with bolt on design
Pickups: 2 handmade Risa pickups
Electronics: 3-way-switch for pickup selection (neck, both, bridge)
Tone and volume controls
Free Risa gigbag

Pictures show an average example.

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