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Ohana CK450-QEL All Solid Quilted Eucalyptus Concert Ukulele

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I cannot recall a prettier looking ukulele with more stunning design details than this one. The unique slotted headstock and the bevelled edge for the forearm are understated but very, very attractive features which could have been overdone and spoilt the look completely, but they don't. The skunk stripe on the back of the neck lends an aura or class as well. And the wood has that holographic dimension to it which under the gloss finish moves and dances before your eyes. Never a dull moment looking at this!

Obviously it is not just about the look. Good job that it sounds the business as well! I am not sure where Eucalyptus has been hiding until now, but it makes for a gorgeous sound, kind of like Cedar with a splash of Mahogany. I kept on expecting this uke to let me know and have a bum spot or two on it - given that the wood is highly quilted and curly and normal rules suggest that tight straight grain is best for sound reinforcement - but I've not found one. All the way up the neck the sound is strong and true with excellent sustain and intonation as good as you expect on a concert uke with Aquila strings. The high G string on this one in hand is marginally flat at the 12th, but I suspect that a low G string would intonate perfectly, and also sound amazing.....

So - for one of the the best looking and sounding ukes yet to come from China, and with a spec way higher than you would get on a US or Hawaiian made uke at the price, this is well worth a go!


Solid Eucalyptus top, back and sides
High gloss finish
Bevelled edge on bottom bout
Aquila strings
Indian Rosewood freboard and bridge
Abalone laminate inlay purfling and rosette
Indian Rosewood binding
Slotted headstock with Eucalyptus faceplates
High quality geared tuning machines
Bone nut and saddle
Mahogany neck with Maple skunk stripe
Hibiscus Abalone laminate fretboard inlay at 12th fret
35mm nut width
15" scale length
(Model also recently known as the CK550QEL)
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