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La Bella 830 Folk Singer Nylon/Bronze Folk Guitar Strings

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The 830 Folksinger® set has ball-end black nylon trebles and Golden Alloy wound basses. A special design, the nylon strings include a small ball attached to one end of each string. Easy to use, this eliminates tying each nylon string to the bridge and is suitable for both Spanish style folk, Guitalele's and classical guitars. 

Our man Alex found these strings to be the best set available for baritone scale Guitalele's so check them out.

-Black nylon trebles produced greater aural transparency and sound projection
-Golden Alloy (80/20 Brass) wound basses produce exceptional memory for pitch and consistent sound production
-Medium Tension
-String Gauges: Black Nylon: .028, .032, .040; Golden Alloy Wound: .031, .035, .044
-Made in the USA with American Wire
-Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness
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