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Gold Tone BUT Closed Back Tenor Banjolele with original hard case

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Goldtone make excellent Banjo Ukuleles and although many of you may have seen and tried the Soprano and Concert Scale Banjo Ukuleles - the BUT is one of the only affordable Tenor options on the market.

The standard range of Goldtone Banjo Ukuleles are a natural step up from entry priced Banjo Ukuleles currently available - Goldtone have a long history in the folk and bluegrass world and these instruments are clearly designed with the player in mind. The bound fingerboard is smooth to play and the overall feel is anything but rustic considering how some other Banjo Ukuleles can feel. 
Although no featherweights - The larger Tenor size is well balanced and nowhere near as heavy to hold as some might expect. Would suit a picker but capable of going into Formby territory if required.

The Tenor is strung High G (GCEA) and would be a great tool for banjo players looking to dabble in the Ukulele.

Maple Neck
Matched closed back
Geared open back machineheads
Bound Rosewood fingerboard
Plate style resonator
8 inch head (preffered choice for slide technique players)
Includes fitted Hardshell Case
White Nylon strings
Tenor Uke Accessories

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