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Freestyle Brown Deluxe Woodshell Baritone/Bass/8 string Baritone Ukulele Hard Case

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This Freestyle baritone size ukulele hard case is everything we've been waiting for. Finally there is a case out there is showing the baritone ukulele some love!

The options for quality ukulele cases have always been slim. Thinking back over a decade, we have been desperate for someone out there to put some care and love into a traditional style hard case for the uke and up to now have had to turn away hundreds of customers looking for a case that will fit a Kala style ukulele bass.

These baritone uke cases will fit nearly all acoustic 20.75'' scale uBasses like many from Kala, Baton Rouge, Laka, Freshman and more. Double check the measurements in the listing if you have an unconventional bass ukulele before ordering.

Please note - the machine heads of bass ukuleles will touch the sides of the case at the headstock end. This case will also fit the Kala ABP-8-CTG 8 string baritone ukulele, with its elongated headstock.

Thankfully, Freestyle have listened and the result is this robustly made and extremely well padded hard case. The exterior is a vintage brown colour with a quality handle and easy to use catches. The inside is good enough to sleep in - it's velvet, its cushioned and it looks fit for a king or queen and indeed their ukulele.

External dimensions:
85cm length
13cm depth
33cm width

Internal dimensions:
81cm length
11.5cm depth
29cm width at widest point
12.5cm headstock width (please check your bass)

Also available for tenor, concert and soprano ukuleles.

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