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D'Addario EJ87BCUSTOM Titanium Baritone Ukulele Strings HIGH D

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For the last couple of years, a growing trend has emerged to tune the baritone ukulele with a high D in re-entrant tuning. No large ukulele string manufacturer is currently offering this option but in the interest of satisfying this request; I have developed a custom set that will do the trick.

As well as receiving the D'Addario EJ87B set which comes with a low D. We will send out a single hard tension .028 titanium string to replace the low D. The best bit about that is that you can try them both!

For extra insight into how this set was designs and works then check out our blog.

D'Addario EJ87B strings are designed specifically for baritone ukuleles. The 3rd and 4th string are a silver-plated copper wound on nylon complimented by a 1st and 2nd string which are made from our bright sounding titanium material. This set is optimized for usage with standard DGBE tuning.

D'Addario titanium baritone ukulele strings are crafted from a dense mono-filament material that has an attractive, translucent purple hue and a polished, smooth feel similar to nylon. This unique material is particularly beneficial to ukulele’s due to its slightly brighter tone and increased projection, resulting in more volume, clarity and dynamics.

Optimized for baritone ukuleles tuned to standard DGBE tuning
Titanium monofilament material for brightness and projection
Preferred for their modern, projecting tone
String gauges: Titanium .028, .033 silver plated copper .030W, .035W
Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance

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