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Kanile'a Islander GL6 Asian Acacia 6 String Baritone scale Guitalele

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Check out this wonderful, mid priced baritone scale guitalele from the Kanile'a Islander range. Made of all laminate acacia wood, this instrument offers a very affordable way into Kanile'a build quality and know how - features like a pinned bridge and the touch and release bracing pattern all make this instrument sound way above its price point.

This instrument is very minimal in appearance, with a satin finish, no binding or bling at all, the focus is really on fundamentally quality build which leads to a very good sound, much better than any other guitalele short of the big daddy Kanile'a!

Pictures show an average example. Contact us if you'd like pictures of our current range. 

All laminate Asian acacia body
Super tenor body
Baritone 510mm scale length
Walnut fretboard
Walnut bridge
Open back machine heads
Plastic nut and bridge
Mahogany neck
50mm nut width
21 frets, 16th fret joined to body
GHS clear nylon strings, 3 wound bass
A to A tuning

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