USED Kala KA-ABP-8-CTG 8 string Baritone Ukulele Solid Cedar Top Gloss

USED Kala KA-ABP-8-CTG 8 string Baritone Ukulele Solid Cedar Top Gloss
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This is a lovely new ukulele model from Kala. The solid cedar top makes for a beautiful, luscious rounded sound which suits the Baritone register very nicely indeed. The gloss finish hardens the top and quickens the response which makes a really lovely immediate response. You get a luscious, thick texture from the 8 string ukulele configuration which makes it a really different and unique addition to any collection.

This one was owned by one of our dearest, oldest customers, who experimented repeatedly with different string materials, tensions and gauges. So, there are a few dings to the top just by the bridge, where you expect to find re-stringing marks. The rest of the top has a few small marks, but the back and sides are actually very clean indeed. We put some new Aquila strings on it, gave it a clean up and set up and it's ready to go. An 8/10.
Solid Cedar Top
8 string configuration (octave D, octave G, unison B, unison E). New Aquila strings installed
Baritone scale
Laminate Acacia back and sides
Gloss finish
Padauk Rosette and binding on Top, back and fingerboard
Fret position Marks at 5th,7th,10th and 12th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
Slotted Headstock
Multi-Layered Headstock cap with carved Kala logo
Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Mahogany neck
38mm nut width
Grover chrome vintage style tuners
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