Uma Pulse KC All Solid Acacia Fan Fret Concert Ukulele in gigbag

Uma Pulse KC All Solid Acacia Fan Fret Concert Ukulele in gigbag
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We're big fans of the Uma Pulse KC concert ukulele. It's made from solid acacia and features fan frets which give this ukulele a really interesting sound. Add in the fact this uke comes with a free gigbag, and you're on to a real winner.

Probably the first question you want answered will be "Why Fan frets?" The answer is in two parts. Firstly, the lower C and G strings benefit from a higher tension, which helps to make the tension across all 4 strings feel more uniform, and increases the presence and sustain of the low G string. And secondly, the fan frets help this concert ukulele to achieve slightly better intonation on these lower strings, which can have a tendency to veer sharp the higher up the fretboard one plays on a standard fretted ukulele.

So, not just a gimmick! You can certainly hear the precision in the intonation when you are playing in the first few positions. And, playing it in any position up the neck is remarkably comfy - you need not contort your hand at all, as you find that your finger shapes fall naturally into the right places without any need for major adjustment.

But seeing past the novelty of the fan frets, fundamentally this is a very good instrument. It has a full sound, with a warm tone - no doubt helped by the nylon strings. The low G does not disappoint if a full sound and a warm tone in an instrument with more precise intonation is what you are after.

You are stuck with this in low G as well. Changing to a high G string would not work at all, as the intonation would be extremely skewy! So bear this in mind before purchasing.

Pictures show an average example. For photos of actual stock, please drop us a line.

Solid acacia top, back and sides
Gloss finish
Engineered wood fretboard and bridge
Bone nut and saddle
Binding to top and back
387mm scale A string, 406mm G string
35mm nut width
Slotted headstock
D'Addario high density nylon low G strings
Fan frets
Der Jung tuners, gold finish
Mahogany neck, satin finish
Padded Uma gigbag included

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