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Aquila - Nylon AGxAQ 'Aldrine Guerrero' Signature Strings Baritone DGBE 159U

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Aquila have taken a bold step with their new string design. They're moving away from the familiar nylgut and introducing a brand new string set.

Thes signature baritone ukulele strings were designed by Aquila with the input of Aldrine Guerrero. They are made of a very specific refined clear nylon that is perfect for players with a fast percussive style like Aldrine. These baritone strings have a cool but subtle translucent green colour.

Bold statement I know, but you haven't lived until you've tried a set of the AGxAQs.

Baritone low DGBE tuning. This set of 4 Aquila strings contains:

  • D silverwound string
  • G aluminium wound string
  • B green nylon
  • E green nylon
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