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Ukulele Accessories Bundle - Strings, Pro Winder, Polishing Cloth and more

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Last year, so many people enquired about a Christmas accessories bundle for the Ukulele... Which begs the question, 'What do you need?'. Well this year with the help of the good people at D'Addario, we have put together an exclusive accessories bundle to present to your loved ones this holiday season. You really won't get more for your money than right here!

Each accessory pack contains:

D'Addario Pro Winder (quick string winder with string cutter and notches perfect for a guitar machine head as well as most Ukulele geared tuners)

Planet Waves Poly Pro Black Strap (you can never go wrong with a simple black nylon strap)

S.U.S Twin plectrum pack (1 x leather S.U.S plectrum and 1 x natural wool S.U.S plectrum)

D'Addario napped cotton polishing cloth (A long lasting untreated cleaning cloth suitable for all finishes on your instrument)

D'Addario EJ87C Concert Titanium Ukulele Strings (a spare set of one of our most popular Flurocarbon Ukulele strings. We can supply a Soprano or Tenor set upon special request)

D'Addario Pencil (because everybody needs a pencil with an eraser)

D'Addario Sticker (who doesn't love a sticker?)

We have limited numbers of these packs and think this pack will set up any new player with everything they may not realise they need when setting off on a new Ukulele adventure. 

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