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UKE-SA Uke-Reka Clear Fluorocarbon Soprano/Concert/Tenor Low G Ukulele Strings

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UKE-REKA! (Eureka) clear fluorocarbon, low G, ukulele strings for soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles.

What we say:
These packages of strings will work for soprano, concert and tenor ukulele sizes. Soprano feels slinky, concert feels like a medium tension set and the tenors are slightly tighter to the touch. These are the strings used on KoAloha ukuleles for many years as well as Pop's custom ukes and UkeSA branded instruments. You may find information about these strings online under many different names - KoAloha strings, Papaloha, UkeSA and many more but the string inside remains the same. The low G set features four unwound fluorocarbon ukulele strings

What Pop's Says!
Mahalo for investing in the string that I have been using for many many years on KoAloha and UkeSA ukuleles. I am so happy that these premium ukulele strings are now available through a new brand that I am starting. I’m sure you will find that Papaloha strings truly “sings” and will be so glad that you made the right investment.

Papaloha’s fluorocarbon strings are uniquely processed and are durable, strong and flexible without acoustic or harmonic distortion. The proprietary double layered strings create a sound that combines the naturalness of “gut” strings and brilliance of steel strings. Experience the best sound of both worlds with UkeSA fluorocarbon strings. The premium ukulele strings that will surely please your ears and hands. Happy picking, plucking and strumming.

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