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ThunderPlugs - Filtered Earplugs

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Thunder Plugs are a silicone ear bud that fits comfortably in your ear and filter out loud noises. The special filters decrease noise by 20 dB at all frequencies. This filter ensures that you still hear the softer more intricate sounds, but loud noises are significantly reduced.

These are ideal for going out and also for musicians, who quite often find themselves in the middle of noisy environments like a ukulele group with 30 other people strumming a loud instrument in your ear.

Damage to your hearing can be attributed to sustained loud noises. Sound is measured in Decibels (dB) and can be harmful from 80 dB. At 100 dB acute loss of hearing can occur. With live music in clubs and festivals, the volume often exceeds 100 dB! Thunder Plugs protect your ears from damage, while allowing you to enjoy the music!

These musician's earplugs are also a very good solution for a spouse that wants a bit of peace and quiet whilst a ukulele is being played at home!

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