TGI Mandolin/Ukulele Banjo Gigbag 20mm padding with rucksack straps

TGI Mandolin/Ukulele Banjo Gigbag 20mm padding with rucksack straps
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The TGI Extreme series gigbags are made from very tough black woven nylon with contrasting piping featuring 20 mm double heavy padding with a 70 non scratching lining, and strong and comfy carry handles and rucksack straps. Also features a music/accessory pocket.

Although TGI market this as a Mandolin Gigbag, we have found that it is the perfect size to fit most Concert scale Resonator Banjoleles, such as the Barnes and Mullins UBJ1.

Internal Dimensions:
Length: 71cm
Lower Bout: 31cm
Depth: 8cm
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