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SUS - Tenor Electric Steel String Ukulele Low G GCEA Strings (suitable for Flight and Risa Electric Solidbody Ukes)

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There has been a big rise in steel strung electric ukuleles in recent years. We have developed a reputation at SUS for being one of the main dealers working with brands like Flight and Risa to refine and optimise how these instruments play and perform before reaching you folks at home.

One of the things we do daily is replace the factory strings on these ukuleles with good quality guitar strings... Our strings of choice are made by Rotosound and we have decided to package up the single strings we use. They are based on the Roto yellow nickel wound guitar set.

0.010 - A
0.013 - E
0.017 C
0.026w - Low G

This set of strings will work well with all Flight and Risa tenors as well as most other 17'' scale length electric ukuleles. By packaging them in this way we are saving on wastage and cost as currently people are buying guitar sets and throwing two strings away!

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