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SUS - Soprano/Concert Clear Fluorocarbon High G Ukulele Strings

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It's been a long time coming but we are delighted to finally present our very own range of SUS fluorocarbon concert and soprano ukulele strings.

The SUS fluorocarbon strings are extruded in Japan by the factory that invented fluorocarbon way back in 1971... we unreel, cut and package the strings on site in Bournemouth to keep the cost down for our customers.

We also made every effort to keep packaging recyclable as this is a common niggle for many customers buying plastic strings in plastic bags in plastic packets (we totally feel the same).

This project began way back in 2018 with a dozen different fishing line samples and has seen us go back forth trialling sets with several reputable ukulele manufacturers. You may have noticed that the first batches of Manako ukuleles came with an unspecified fluorocarbon string and well, that was us and Kanile'a finding the right tension and diameters to bring the best out of the instrument we all love! We have been bench testing samples of these strings since early 2020 and I feel that we finally have the right gauges and nicest feeling strings possible.

If you are wondering what to expect, we based these strings on the Martin M600s, D'Addario EJ99 series but the tension is just a touch harder which improves intonation and makes for a bouncier, clean and modern sounding string.

The most suitable low G has been a source of great debate here at SUS but we have settled for now on the popular bronze wound D'Addario BEB031W as its one of the most popular low G strings we sell and always seems to be in high demand with players looking for something unique, reliable and comfortable.

We love it because it retains the bass frequencies beautifully without sounding boomy on the majority of ukes. You can check out Alex's video on the SUS strings here:

String Gauges: High G soprano/concert
G .024
C .029
E .026
A .020 

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