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SUS Long Neck Soprano Ukulele Fibreglass Hard Case w/Shoulder Straps

Here we have a moulded Fibreglass hard case for long neck soprano ukuleles. By a happy accident, the soprano cases that we ordered were made the wrong size, but they fit perfectly all the odd long neck sizes (both concert necks like the Kala KA-SLNG, and the tenor necks like the Ohana SK30L and KoAloha KSM-T2). Basically, the factory made a concert case with increased padding on the inside instead of a proper soprano case.

There is no internal storage pocket, but there is plenty of room around the headstock area for tuners, capos and the like. It has a black velvet lining, with extra padding at the bottom bout and the headstock to grip your instrument securely, and two supplied shoulder straps so you can wear it as a rucksack on your back. It also has four little rubber feet so that you can stand it up on its end - quite cool! The 10mm internal padding is not as plush on this case as you find on the much more expensive Crossrock Fibreglass cases, but we've found that the instruments fit nicely and are well protected.

The major benefit of this type of case is that it is super lightweight - lighter than the woodshell cases on the market - whilst providing excellent protection for your instrument. You may find that when the case is open that there is some flex in it, but when closed it is good and strong. It has a waterproof seal as well which will prevent a shower from damaging your uke if you get caught out. Three clasps, one with a lock, on the front and two strong hinges on the back ensure your precious will be nice and secure.

Please expect the odd small cosmetic issue with these cases - as with anything mass produced in China it is good value at the price, but you will find the odd small blemish. And please note that the accessories pictured are only for illustration, and not included :-)

And if you see Ben Rouse playing anywhere - he has had a yellow Tenor case for years which he loves, which is exactly the same model as this.

Internal dimensions:

Total length: 63cms
Bottom bout: 20cms
Depth at bottom bout: 8cms
Width at machine heads: 12cms

All measurements have a little extra give in them owing to the padding.

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