Aquila Thunder Reds Bass Ukulele Strings Red 91U - for uBasses

Aquila Thunder Reds Bass Ukulele Strings Red 91U - for uBasses
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These are the latest addition to the stable of bass ukulele strings available from Aquila. The red series Aquila strings have copper mixed with the synthetic gut mixture to increase the density of the strings. This means in the thunder reds case that the strings can be thinner than normal bass ukulele strings.

Thinner strings have two advantages - the strings are tauter when at pitch, so the sound is a little thicker than others, and the intonation is better because the thicker your string, the more likely it is to put your intonation out. Under the fingers they feel a lot less sticky to play than the others, which makes them a whole lot more easy to handle.

This 91U set of bass ukulele strings is suitable only for uBass scale instruments, with a max scale of 21 inches.

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